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Seeking a revolution
in the realm of education.

What if every student was considered for their unique path given to them to walk in? What if the school system was able to provide spiritual advantages to the education process? What if each student was allowed the freedom to grow into their unique direction and vocation? What if each student was afforded the opportunity to learn to have vision and allow that to shape their understanding of how to responsibly handle increasing levels of freedom?
If God created each one of us with a specific academic/vocational purpose and has sent His Holy Spirit to help us, what would happen if the anointing was permitted to have expression in the educational process? These are just some of the questions that have directed the culture and administration of Triumphant Life Christian Academy in our quest to be true to God’s purposes for the school.
Beginning with anointed teachers who are called of God to teach, each classroom is a divine experiment where students are permitted the opportunity to cultivate curiosities in addition to building excellence in academic disciplines.


Jesus said that Christians are the light of the world. We believe children should be prepared to be an influence in their communities and vocations. We believe our children are sent by God into their fields of calling and are meant to bring heaven’s answers to earthly problems. At TLCA, children learn to become ambassadors of Christ, representing God’s promises and His brilliance in their work. Leadership at TLCA is developed through creative/entrepreneurial-type perspectives for their career and depth of character from their walk with God.

Find Your Purpose

We believe people are created by God with unique skills, and they are meant to contribute these unique skills throughout their lifetime. We strive to provide a creative learning environment where children may explore their God-given talents and refine them for their individual destiny. Students will learn to progress into a vibrant adulthood as they acquire the skills they need to live out their most fulfilling purpose.

No Homework

We believe that education should be approached with consideration from a holistic standpoint, to include time for other pursuits other than school. Jon Amos Comenius believed homework is apt to be poorly done, leaving little educational value, but robbing from time that could be better spent with parents and other activities when away from school.

    Seeking those who are spiritually hungry

    At TLCA, students are taught to be enriched spiritually through the Word of God and the move of the Holy Spirit, and they are taught to seek God for supernatural definition of their God-given purpose and vocational calling. Students who desire to deepen their walk with the Lord will find a place to call home as they grow with other like-minded individuals. TLCA strives to provide an atmosphere that will allow unique spiritual growth opportunities not typically available elsewhere.

    Seeking those who are interested in exploring their vocation from a spiritual standpoint

    Every academic and vocational area is assessed in a dynamic way based on the students’ and faculty’s walk with God. The Bible says we are living stones being prepared for God’s house, and we treat every school year as a unique, God-ordained moment in time that allows for an individualized approach to every student’s development; spiritually, academically, and vocationally. Much of the activity throughout the school year is adapted to best fit God’s purposes for each student, including specialized electives, and some aspects of core discipline learning.

    Seeking those who are called

    TLCA is not interested in becoming the largest school, but rather seeks out the students who are called to be on this journey with us. At TLCA, students are not numbers on paper, but unique children of God who are afforded a lot of individualized attention. If you are interested in being a part of not just a PreK-12 school, but in the advancing move of the kingdom of God, this could be the place for you.

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